Picture this

you need a new print ad, web banner, sales catalogue, you name it
but your 3/4 or full frontal photo shoot of your packshot just doesn’t fit nicely (or worse, not at all).
What are your options? Create a new one (time and cost) or just compromise (not your thing).

It doesn’t have to be either!

With cg packshots you can have your products, anytime you need it and at an affordable price!

Ever wished for a better shot? Get it in real time with cg packshots !!!

See our full video presentation here!

cg packshots offers you the ability to have your own virtual studio for your products

At first, we create the digital mocap of your products and upload them in your personal library.
Have you already digitized your products? No worries! We can use those instead.
And have in mind that you don’t have to do them all at once, you can start with any number you want!

Once we create your digital product library just log in to your personal cg packshot account
and get access to the virtual studio, where you can create unlimited versions of your visual assets
using the studio’s tools (look & feel manipulation, lights, position, perspective and much more).

Get unlimited shots or turn tables of your digital assets or simply embed them
on the web
(e.g. site, e-commerce) at a fraction of the time and cost usually needed.

  • Unlimited angles
    Unlimited renders!

    Click me!

    Set your lights, try any possible angle, find the right position and perspective, edit if necessary basic look
    and feel elements and capture unlimited high resolution, pixel perfect pack shots.

  • Embed

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    Give your e-customers a brand-new experience.
    Let them discover your products by choosing freely the angle they prefer.
    Something entire new for the e-commerce Market.

  • 360˚ turn table

    Click me!

    Choose how many frames you want your 360˚ turn table to be and take them by hitting the right button.

  • Fully organized digital
    3d product library

    The products are uploaded on the web platform, classified regarding the brand, category and type.

  • Applies to all marketing materials without any Royalties

    All products emerging for the platform can be used for any marketing action (print, tv, digital materials)
    without extra charges coming from royalty rights. They are yours for any possible use.

  • Saving time & money

    Why waste time and money on repeated photo shoots?
    Get the material you need from cg packshots easily and quickly,
    give them to your graphic designer, your ad agency or production company and save money!

  • Unleash your creativity!

    Depending on the material, the product design details and labels, cg packshots service
    allows you to interfere with the pack look and feel. Adjust the lights, angle, position and much more!

  • No specialized software
    or knowhow acquisition!

    Simply put cg packshots is plug and play, it is a web based application you can use from your computer.
    There is no need to download any additional software. Once you get familiar with the interface
    (tutorials, mouse over info and customized help available), there is no other specialized knowhow you need to obtain to use it.

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Feel the raw power of unlimited creativity that cg packshots offers !